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Read Peter's thoughts and feelings on the day that changed his world when Glenda's life was tragically taken.



Lost - wife, best friend, lover .....

Written 6am 29th May 2006


"Glenie May" - a person with the most beautiful soul, ask anyone who met her - even for a minute.

Day 1. Sunday 28th May 2006

Woken at 4:30am in morning, camping at Noojee with sons. Woken by police. News that your wife, Glenda (49yrs old) has in fact been killed instantly, her sister, Michelle (47yrs old) is critical, & your daughter, Tara (24yrs old) has 2 smashed lower legs and her boyfriend, Scott, has a broken wrist & jaw.
- all run over by a car while walking home after a 21st birthday party.

Drive over to Korumburra & through the tears try to see what happened. Is it True!! See crime investigation unit, wet road, tyre marks up nature strip where driver had lost control. Numbers on road and nature strip where multiple impacts were and numbers where Glenda, Michelle, Tara and Scott landed!.

Was he (the driver) drunk or speeding? Officer cannot comment at this stage

(spoke to inspector later in day. His BAC level was nearly three times the legal limit) He was allegedly doing burnout or fishtailing when he lost control. Impact allegedly approx 80kmh

Phone calls to sons Travis & Ricky in different areas to some how tell them - "Mum has been killed". Visit my mother and Graeme, tell them the news - my brother and wife came up.

Go home to get stuff to take to Melbourne........... Fall down on driveway at home - cry & cry & cry .... "is Glenie May gone?"

Phone calls all day - is it really Glenie May??? Yes, it is.

My brother & sons drive me to Melbourne to see my daughter (badly hurt), & sister in law (critical). (6 days later died from injuries)

A bit of selfishness. Although I had to see my daughter Tara, I had to stop at the coroners office in Melbourne to double check - in case somebody stuffed up. A viewing shows the worst - it's "Glenie May". Her beautiful face virtually untouched, but under the sheet her body has taken massive impact - ask her - "Please get up Glenie,I love you. Please get up...Please!"

Go over & see Tara at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Relatives & friends there but have not seen her yet. The doctor says she hasn't been told about her mother yet. He said "we will tell her or would you like to to tell her" (How do you tell someone in Tara's condition that her mother who she loved so dearly did not survive the accident. It was so hard but I had to tell her. "Shattered" only clips on the edge of that horrific moment.

With plates, rods & screws holding her right lower leg together - her left lower leg bone split and came through the side of her leg....and her heart torn apart. Stay with her all day.

Sunday night 28th May 2006

See Michelle (sister-in-law) - Alfred Hospital.

My brother, Gary, and boys drive me over. Meet up with Trev (Michelles husband) in intensive care unit. Micheele was put in an induced coma with massive head injuries. Her head drilled to relieve the pressure. Her condition to view devastating. I can understand why they don't allow people in - Trev is gutted!

Decide to stay in Motel close to Royal Melbourne Hospital - Tara & I are good together - both not coping though.

Woke up at 6am in motel in tears and gut renching feeling and wrote this note "The worst day of my life"

Police media rang, "would I like to speak to media?" F... g oath I'll talk to media. Appointment at 10:30 at Royal Melbourne Hospital reception area.

- How can you "kill" someone!
- Critically injury another!
- Wreck the life of another!
- Drive like a f.... wit!
- Have a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit - not be locked up and still allowed to drive to work on Monday!

Something is very wrong with this system - Is this justice or playschool at kinder???

What we are talking about is behaviour & attitudes which are very, very, deadly, and need to be dealt with as such. Recalibrate minds. Be tough to those who don't think about the ramifications of their actions.
Driving should be a priviledge...not a right!!

.... It doesn't pay to hate. ....Hate poison the soul!!