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Letter from
G Ward

First of all I would like to send out my condolences to the family and friends of the two lives tragically lost on the night of the 28th of May.

I could not even begin to put into myself in their shoes and pretend to feel how they are feeling. I don't believe that anyone could unless the have suffered a similar grievance.

What I would like to write about is putting yourself in the shoes of Brett himself. I'm not in anyway implying that Brett has been harshly done by or is innocent in the matter.

Its hard to put this into writing without sounding as though I'm condoning it, which I am strongly not. Drink driving, think about it closely. Have you done it yourself? Do you know people that have done it? More than likely you have come up with "yes". Look up studies on the internet to how extreme physical activity can affect your blood alcohol level, even though you may not have drunken that much. Studies show that it may even give a false reading. Had Brett raced that day, yes?

Certain publications have made Brett out to be a heartless killing machine that did not blink an eyelid at the tragedy. I spoke to Brett as soon as I could get onto him about what happened and I have not ever heard such a torn up man with no will to live. People then criticise him for trying to move on with his life. What should he have done, stayed in his house till his trial thinking about what he had done until he crumpled. All he did was try and keep himself sane and occupied until he was sentenced. A given amount of time to think about what he had done. If you think
that a minute went by were Brett hadn't thought about it, your a fool.

Certain publications published material from people who had no idea, may have met Brett a couple of times and just wanted they're two minutes of fame and totally fabricated stories about him. The media makes me sick at the way they will go to any length to get a story, not even checking their leads.

I would like people to put themselves in Mr Franklins shoes and see what they would do in his circumstances.

john ford


Letter from
Rob Ward

Get over it. We all have to deal with the loss of loved ones.

You are exhibiting an extreme case of irrational, vindictive behaviour.

The length of Mr Franklins jail term won't make the slightest difference to your loved ones, or to Mr Franklin or to any other prospective killers.

He didn't think. He didn't intend to kill them. Nobody ever does. It's just a fact of life.

You should concentrate on getting some serious counseling, and get on with your lives instead of trying to make other people as miserable as yourselves.

You are sick. Get help.

As long as there are cars and people there will be deaths.

I sincerely hope you have an accident one day and kill someone, preferably whilst driving. Then you'll see things in a different light.

You disgust me.

Thankyou for inviting me to comment.

Please think about your behaviour very carefully. Get advice from someone objective.

Perhaps you're guilty of behaving in a cruel, unthinking manner too. But you're not drunk. What's your excuse?

I'm willing to forgive you if you acknowledge your mistake and move on.

You should be big enough and mature enough to do the same.


Letter from
Vanessa Roach

I am so sorry for your losses. No penalty will compensate for that. Only people with morals and a conscience don't drink & drive. The ramifications of our actions when we jump into a deadly weapon, which is what cars are, are huge. Your website is great, but I did notice a few typos and spelling errors. I would like to offer my services as a proofreader to you if you need them.

Kind Regards and a big hug,

Vanessa Roach


Letter from
Ann Cherrett

To Peter

After reading Tara's story in TAKE 5 magazine April 25, 2007, my heart not only goes out to your family but also to Trevor's.

I did know of your wife and Michelle, used to baby sit myself and my brother when we were little. My parents rang to tell me of the accident. And was shocked to hear that it was Glenda and Michelle people of whom l know.

The law is wrong the driver should have got life; he may have been over the limit but stupid enough to go behind the wheel. He has that to wear it for the rest of his life that he was killed to people. But you don't have that person anymore, he still has his life.

My dad rang me to tell me that Michelle had died the same day of Glenda's funeral. In the end they just wanted to be together.

May your campaign get bigger and stronger. And that you, Tara, Trevor, Ryan and Jackie all get stronger and stronger everyday.

R.I.P.  Glenda and Michelle


Ann Cherrett


Antonymous Letter

My uncle died because of a drunk driver 14 years ago. It ripped my family
apart. I think they should be treated as killers as that is what they are.


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