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Letter from
Heidi Pertzel

Hi there Peter,

The Law should of cracked down on high powered vehicles along time ago. But it is always when things happen the Government does something about it after these incidents happen.

'P' platers know they can drive differently when someone is not sitting
beside them as they would of when they where on their Learners.
The Laws need to be more strict to drink drivers.

You are amazing to fight on, you are an insperation.

Heidi Pertzel


Letter from
Dannielle Crabb


I am very sorry for your loss. I understand how you are feeling, I lost my 10 year old son 4 years ago to a P plate driver who ran a amber/red light while my son was walking the 2 minute trip home from school. It was the first time I allowed him to walk home with his brother and sister without me. The driver was charged with dangerous driving causing death and recieved an 18 month bond and lost her licence for 2 years. She was only 21 years old and a mother herself, I cannot understand how she was so careless driving in a manner around the time when school children were coming home from school.

It was a clear day and my son was wearing a BRIGHT yellow school shirt so there was no excuse of she COULDNT see him or the 6 other children at the PEDESTRIAN lights ready to cross the road, (they all had the walk signal to cross). I am haunted EVERYDAY as he would have just turned 15. He was a VERY responsible (straight A student who never once got into any trouble at school and he was such a help to me and my other 4 children) 

I am totally DISGUSTED in the laws in the whole country, as I feel she can go on to lead a normal life (I understand she might have regrets about the judgement she made) but for me and my family we will NEVER EVER be the same again. I have lived with the guilt everyday of wishing Ihad walked them home, and the WHAT IF's are HEART BREAKING. We really need people to stand up and change these laws, I know the damage this has on you and other people who have to live with this everyday of their lives because of other peoples MISTAKES, FOOLISHNESS, it should be harder to get your licence and if they break the law and take an innocent life they should suffer harsher penalties and never drive AGAIN. 

Dannielle Crabb





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