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Letter from
Maree Johnson

Warragul Gazette - 18th July 2006

Important course for learner drivers

I am writing in response to Peter Thomson's article (Gaz 4/7).

When my son turned 16 we bought him a young driver development course with Murcott's Driver Training School at Sandown Park.

It went for a whole day and my son and I had a go at bringing our car to a stop at 60, 55 and 50kmh, swerving through witches hats, the distance it takes to stop a vehicle in wet conditions, learning swerve recovery and to look up and stay back.

We spent half the day in class and half the day driving. It was the most valuable day for both my son and I, and I agree with Peter that the State Government should make courses mandatory for learner drivers.


Letter from
Jodie Dilger

I am a 25 year old mother of 2 and it doesn't seem all that long ago that i was sitting the test for my licence.

Even back then i remember how easy it was to get it. I seriously believe that i would have benefited with more driving hours practiced while on my L's and a crash course on different scenario's i could be faced with while driving. I back Peter 100%.

When it is my children's time to get there licence's I will be making sure that I do everything in my power to know they have as much experience on the road as possible and i can only hope that long before then the laws will change to make that possible. 

Jodie Dilger

Letter from
Derek Cooper

Dear Peter,

I believe I know what you're going through. Though I have never been the victim of road trauma or associated with anyone who has, I may have something to contribute to your website and your cause. I heard your call to the ABC this morning and although I know I should have made my thoughts known to those who matter years ago maybe it's not too late.

It's quite a simple philosophy. I have to ask you first to ignore the emotional, personal aspect of your loss and I apologise for that because the philosophy is very impersonal.

Laws are made to protect people. Those who break the law are criminal. Criminals should be made to pay for any law they have broken, because they have no consideration for people or respect for the law.

In so far as driver attitude is concerned, if a driver omits to stop at a stop sign, breaks the local speed limit, drives recklessly or under the influence of any drug, that driver is breaking a law supposedly protecting innocent people.

To go a step further, in my opinion there is no such thing as an accident in the true sense of the word. Accidents, even mishaps, are caused. Caused by carelessness, lack of responsibility, concentration, recklessness, lack of respect for other road users, whatever.

There are other aspects associated with current public perceptions of road safety and law enforcement, including driver training and lack of harsher (maximum?) penalties for road law breakers.

I hope this adds to your fight for less lawlessness on the roads.

Derek Cooper, Snake Valley , Vic.



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