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Letter from
Robyn Henriksen

Dear Peter,

It's absolutely terrible what happened to you and your loved ones. I
can't begin to imagine what it's been like for you. Thank you for using your experience to work for positive change.

Are you aware however, of the research which shows that defensive
driving courses have been shown to lead to *more* crashes, due to making drivers think they are invincible and able to handle any situation? As a result of this over-confidence, people who have partaken of them, have been shown to take more risks compared to those who haven't. It's something that needs to be considered.

The base cause of most car crashes in this country are the macho
attitudes that are instilled in many males growing up - where parents and society teach them that 'real' men display bravado, take risks, are competitive and must strive to be the top male.
It's encouraged through exposing boys to computer games which highlight speeding, and through not teaching them empathy for other people and to value life and relationships enough.

Females tend not to drive in the same way as young males, because they
are *not socialised* to drive in that way - or to want high-powered cars to show off with. When the government is serious about reducing the road toll, it will acknowledge this base cause and do something about it.

Robyn Henriksen.

Letter from

Dear Peter,

I agree with you that people who commit some of these most dangerous accidents should be immediately stripped of there Licence. Our state is too soft on offenders and the time it takes to investigate and appear in court is far too slow. I ask how many people who obtained their licence's even 10 years ago are still in touch with current driving conditions. Speed limits during road works is one area that really concerns me. Workers who are so close to the road, emergency lanes in some instances have been removed, regular road routes have been changed to enable new works. Driving at night in these areas can be a real danger but do you think people take any notice NO!. We all want better roads but putting the workers and other motorists at risk by idiots who drive too fast is no way to do it.

Why do our Drivers Licence's get renewed every 10 years, why not every 3 or 5 so we can keep tabs on peoples abilities. Revenue from road and fuel taxes could be used to provide a service by where we can check drivers and  roadworthiness of cars for that matter on a more regular basis.

Driving in school zones is another problem in my area, I pass three schools and all are on 2 major roads and do you think people slow down? I am sick of being flashed and pushed along when I stick to the 40kms during the times posted. I too have a child who attends one of these schools as do many other people who are often the speeding culprits.

After returning recently from a trip to Hawaii I was amazed to see no cars hooning on the streets or highways. Hotted up cars were hardly seen and everyone appears to obey the speed limit especially on the Highways which is only 50MPH.  One person died in a incident after his car ran off the road late at night and it was the first death in a long time due to a road accident. There was no alcohol involved but it appeared to be driver fatigue according to the police. It was major news that some one had been killed, the road toll is very low considering their is more cars per head of population in Hawaii than any other city in the USA .

We need to be a nation that takes more care, not to be in such a hurry, and think before we get behind the wheel and respect the road rules and everyone else whether it be another car, Bicycle Rider, Pedestrians or Road Worker.

Good luck with your campaign.



Concerned Driver and Parent


Letter from
B. Chapman

Dear Mr Peter Thompson,

I read your article on drivers doing a swerve test etc. I for one think that is a very good idea, but I would like to see it done as part of the probationary drivers test that is to say that they do not get their license until they have completed and passed that test.

I live in Moe and as you know driving on the freeway doing the right speed of 110 k's the amount of people that fly past you all because they are in such a hurry to get from point A to B.

I have also seen people change lanes without using indicators and I could go on and on about it but it comes down to people are to lazy or to stupid to abide by the road laws and that in itself is why we have so many accidents on the roads Some times I wonder why we have road laws it seems no one takes any notice of them.

I also agree that anyone in a serious accident should immediately have their license  suspended. My son who is a learner also agreed that a test of ability to drive would be a good thing what's $20 or $30 if it saves at least one persons life. Thank you for letting me comment on your site



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